Serial Spider Killers

Name: Serial Spider Killers
Platform: PC
Role: Coding, Art, Design, Project Manager
Date: 2014
Tools: XNA, Visual Studio, Blender, Photoshop

My final project at Uni. This project was first and foremost a programming assessment, not art or design. As such we were allowed to utilize assets from alternative sources. This game was created using the XNA framework.

This is a FPS sandbox game set in the future on a space station positioned above Earth. The story is that the Earth isn’t suitable for cultivation so mankind has created space platforms to harvest crops, however they have become infested with giant spiders.

The player is charged with killing each wave of spiders and avoiding death. The game has all you would expect for a basic FPS (movement, jumping, and mouse functionality etc). The mouse is used to look around and shoot both the basic primary weapon and a special heat seeker. The game play uses a phased approach with each wave getting progressively harder with more spiders spawning. The game also has AI states and behavioural mechanics in place.


Gameplay - 60sec

Gameplay - 5min Presentation