Role:Design, Programming, Project Manager, Art
Tools:Unity, Photoshop, Blender, nGUI

This was a group project for Uni based on my design. The game itself took inspiration from a classic game from my childhood – Crash Bandicoot. In this story however, there is a little island which is home to some ninjas. This island is hit by a storm and during this time pirates have stolen their sacred relic.

The player takes the role of a ninja-in-training charged with the responsibility of retrieving the object. The 3D world is filled with enemies and jumping puzzles which the player must overcome to reach the end of the level. Scattered throughout the level are additional lives and ninja stars which the player can use to destroy enemy pirates.

Aside from the standard game play, the player also has access to to two different training levels/sections. The Stealth Training area allows the player to practice the art of stealth and enemy avoidance. Alternatively the player can use the Melee Training area to practice killing enemies.


Video - Trailer

Video - Gameplay: General

Video - Gameplay: Stealth Training

Video - Gameplay: Combat Training