Name: Circuitry
Platform: iOS, Android
Role: Everything!
Date: 2017 – 2019
Tools: GameMaker Studio

Circuitry is a puzzle game based on the principles of ‘Lights Out’. When I was growing up I had one of these devices and I have always wanted to create a game based on these principles since I started learning game development. The app was made with GMS and works on both Android and iOS devices. This game also has Facebook tie-ins so users can post their achievements.

There are two version of the game, full and lite. The lite version has ads and only access to the first 50 of the 500 puzzles created. The full version doesn’t contain ads and has access to the pre-designed 500 puzzles plus access to the random rooms which can generate an unlimited number of customized puzzles. The random rooms will as their name implies, randomly create a puzzle of various complexity for the user to complete.

In 2018 I worked with an artist – Katy Robinson of ‘Devine Art by Katy’. She has helped me adjust the visuals of the game by using LEDs style sprites as opposed to blocks – she even sorted the glow effect. She’s an amazing and multi-talented artist, if you’re reading this, you should check out her Facebook page: Devine Art by Katy

You can download a copy of the app for yourself from the following links:

ANDROID – Free: [Download]

ANDROID – Pro: [Download]

iOS – Free: [Download]

iOS – Pro: [Download]


Promo Video

Privacy Policy

Due to the fact that I have incorporated AdMob (the service which facilitates the delivery of ads within the app), I have a requirement to create a privacy policy. All the important details are listed below:

What data is collected?

Personally, I don’t collect any information directly, however the advisement service used within the application (AdMob) does collect information about your device.

What do you do with this information?

AdMob uses your device information to ascertain the types of ads which can function on your device. Here is an excerpt from their website:

AdMob uses the Google Mobile Ads SDK. The Google Mobile Ads SDK helps app developers gain insights about their users, drive more in-app purchases, and maximize ad revenue. In order to do so, the default integration of the Mobile Ads SDK collects information such as device information, publisher-provided location information, and general in-app purchase information such as item purchase price and currency.” (Source


As mentioned, I use the Google AdMob service to deliver ads within my application. In accordance with Googles policy on required content, you need to be aware of the following:

  • Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to your website or other websites.
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  • Please note I don’t collect personal information when visiting my website itself, nor do I show ads on my site.