Name: Reactions
Platform: PC
Role: Project Manager, Coding, Graphics, Design
Date: 2012
Tools: GameMaker

This game was one of the first digital games created at Uni. It was completed with myself and another student. Together we completed the game which sated the ‘educational theme’ required of the assignment. The game also had to address a ‘real world problem’.

Reactions was designed to address/educate users on the world environment as a whole. The game is comprised of 5 different and unique puzzles/activities which the user has to solve in time. The puzzles are chosen at random and failure to complete one results in game over. The puzzles are unique in that their individual themes are different, their game play is different yet their overall message is the same.

Some of the puzzles include:

– Deforrestation
– Pollution
– Conservation
– Nuclear Waste Management
– Environmental Disaster Recovery

If the player successfully completes all puzzles they advance to the next round where all puzzles are now more difficult!


Video - Trailer

Video - Gameplay