Name: Ology
Platform: PC
Role: Graphics, Coding, Design, Documentation
Date: 2012
Tools: GameMaker

Ology is a game about exploring the sciences and as such has an educational component about it. This was a 3 person group project at Uni where we were required to create a project which can be used to education players. Our group decided to tackle the world of science and utilise the various scientific fields as the basis for themed-puzzles. The puzzles were designed to help the player understand the basis for relevant field of science.

For example, one of the fields used was ‘biology’ in which case the user has to complete a puzzle on the human genome or evolution. Another field used was ‘engineering’ which required the user to build a robot from supplied and hidden pieces.

Overall the game received positive feedback for its functionality, diverse gameplay and the graphics utilised.


Gameplay - Biology Demo

Gameplay - Engineering Demo

Gameplay - Astronomy Demo