Name: Monsuta
Platform: PC
Role: Project Manager, Programming, Design, HUD, Art
Date: 2011
Tools: Visual Studio, RakNet, Ogre, Blender

This game was the final group project during my studies at TAFE. It all started one day during break time when the students were discussing nostalgic tv series and this turned to games. From there Pokemon game into the discussion and over time evolved into the desire to create a MMORPG-style Pokemon-themed game called ‘Monsuta’.

This was a great experience for me as I was essentially the Project Manager and our team was comprised of programmers, artists, and ‘hybrids’ – those who would assist with both programming and artistic requirements. I myself was primarily responsible for project management issues including documentation, minutes, scheduling, but also helped with modelling, HUD design and programming to the chat system.

Each student was required to do a little of everything in order to sate their educational study requirements. So we each modelled our chosen Monsuta characters and ensured we did some programming to varying degrees!