3D & Animation

This is a small collection of 3D animation works I have created from both my studies and general interest.

CONCEPT 1: Gnomish Cavern Structure (4 hrs) – 11th December 2018

Premise: An abandoned Gnomish installation utilising Azerite Crystals as a power source

CONCEPT 2: The portable city – Mechadome “New Mecha” (1 day) – 14th December 2018

Premise: The Gnomes built a moving city. Armed with ray guns and an advanced sensor network. The city is capable to climbing almost any terrain. If needed, the bulk of the structure can submerge leaving the domed city above ground.

Dancing SimpleBot – 2013

This is the result of an animation assessment. The idea behind this assessment was to demonstrate principles of animation. My primary focus here was ‘timing’.

Alternative Pokemon – 2011

This animation was my last one during my studies at TAFE. It is simply an alternative perspective of the world of Pokemon.